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Twitter (gzlfb) Profile Info....More.... · 11 04 2016 - 22:44

I am Who; Being-One-Self! Non-Partisan. Magyar, Not White. 6’4-5ish.

Careers: Arts/Entertainment (Such as Comedy)/Philosophy
Comedy Name: The Black Jester
Real Name: Gölök Zoltán Franco Leender(d)t Buday
Born: May-29-1978 Openly Ambiguous.

Comedian Tag (The Black Jester; The Jester in Black): #theblackjester, #blackjester

If MLA Candidate: #buday4westend

If MP Candidate: #buday4vancentre, #buday4vancenter

If Vancouver Mayoral: #buday4vancouver

The My Ego Times The Official Black Jester Website The Realm of the Mental Midget Slayer


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MiiVerse user/Machine: blackjestr/SZLISZE

3DS#: 4296-3701-7328

Steam, Vita/PSN: Geyblade


Steam Engine

Funny or Die

Capcom Unity: /143196981

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Hell since comedy pays less than porn:

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Buy my swag & get something for yourself


Buday’s House Of Capitalism

— Gölök ZLF Buday



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